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Word from the founders

Dear inhabitants of Satu Mare,

We are all caught in the hustle and bustle of daily life and often neglect people next to us. Why don’t we stop a little, look around us and tackle the seemingly lesser aspects of life which nonetheless can teach us how to enjoy and enrich our lives?

Let’s lend a hand, share a part of our souls to those in suffering. Let’s help people with mental disabilities to have rights and a chance to a fulfilled life, to benefit from the support they and their families need.

Even if they still bear the marks of this trial, the people who have passed through the experience of a mental disease, sometimes a very serious one, are regular people, having their own dreams and ideals, lead their life naturally among us, permanently developing their activities and enriching their life.

However, in order for this to happen, they also need our assistance and support.

In a world ruled by concern, stress, financial troubles, global economic crisis, one can only wonder: how can I stay mentally healthy? How can I improve my life? How can I keep my friends? How can I maintain my relationships with others? How can I improve the quality of my life?

According to WHO, one in three people suffers from a mentally disease and the latest research on Europe’s mental health made public show that economic crisis negatively firstly affects mental health; scientists request field specialists to signal this issue in a more decisive manner.

Mental health is an issue that goes beyond the borders of medicine and involves social responsibilities and the community. Each of us has or may have a family member with a more or less visible mental condition. Depression and anxiety have become daily problems often alienating people from each other, from society, from the chance of having a fulfilling life. Should we overcome the prejudice that mental illness is a shame and see the cry of help of our close ones, we can win the fight with these conditions.

In order to be effective, mental health services must be close to community and easily accessed by those in need.

In the last years, through the concern and involvement of the County Hospital and County Council of Satu-Mare, the city has seen an improvement of the hospitalization conditions for those mentally affected, as well as of the treatments which are in accordance with international clinic standards.

However, Satu Mare lacks community services that resume the services provided in the hospital – and social reintegration. Family and society lack mental health education thus they advocate the stigma that a mental affection is incurable. Psychiatry, like other specialties, may save lives, may cure people or may soften the suffering, but for that to happen, it needs and enjoys involving the community.

how you care, join us, get involved and we all win!
President, Dr. Laura Cismaş
Vice-president,, Dr. Krisztian Tallian
  • Asprosam
    Is a non-profit association promoting mental health as an essential part of health, through community information and education, support for mentally ill people and development of auxiliary social reintegration programmes.
  • Our vision:
    community showing tolerance and support towards human suffering.
  • Our mission:
    To work together – specialists and volunteers – in order to support psychically affected people to recover and lead a more fulfilled family and social life.
  • Objectives:
    • Develop and improve mentally ill children and adults; ensure their access to:
      • Psychiatric, psychological, legal and social counselling (management of mental illness, support in the relationship with medical staff or representation in the relationship with other establishments, organizations etc.);
      • Support groups for beneficiaries and workers;
      • Recreational and creative activities, workshops (ergotherapy and occupational therapy, beneficiary magazine etc.);
      • Psychological and social rehabilitation of the mentally ill (social and professional counselling, pre-hiring and post-hiring counselling etc.)
    • Support the mentally ill and their families by fighting against exclusion and stigmatising within the working place and the community.
    • Information, education and training for beneficiaries, professionals and people in general.